Busting Myths: Humanities Degrees and Salaries


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Liberal Arts Colleges Are Rethinking Career Advising

Read here on how to advise students on connecting humanities and liberal arts to careers without vocationalizing or instrumentalizing the curriculum: http://www.chronicle.com/article/From-Liberal-Arts-to-Making-a/241510

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Forbes Champions Liberal Arts as Career Pathway

Read here on market sectors that appreciate liberal arts grads: https://www.forbes.com/sites/laurencebradford/2017/10/15/how-majoring-in-liberal-arts-can-help-you-succeed-in-ux-and-product-management/#6705a08b13ee

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Is Design the New Liberal Arts?

Here are two articles suggesting how to link your study in the arts & humanities to civic engagement and contemporary career pathways via design:
Invest in Design Education to Invest in Democracy
New creative technologies school expands study in College of Fine Arts

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From Poetry to IBM Designer

Read here how poetry is related to design thinking and a career in tech: https://www.fastcodesign.com/90138296/lessons-in-design-research-from-an-unlikely-source-poetry

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What is College for? A Job or to Become Educated?

read here: http://www.chronicle.com/article/What-Is-College-Good-For-/240778?cid=at&utm_source=at&utm_medium=en&elqTrackId=b160e54f111b43ef8ae221b22816c048&elq=7dd81ab821c347ca8b12bdaac87d6ff7&elqaid=14990&elqat=1&elqCampaignId=6357

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The Unexpected Value of the Liberal Arts Degree

The article debunks the notion that the liberal arts and humanities are elitist. It provides examples of “first-gen” liberal arts students who found interesting career pathways.

Read here: https://www.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2017/08/the-unexpected-value-of-the-liberal-arts/535482/

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